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New Member
Aug 31, 2007
The other day I wrote Ultimate Ears support to find out if they are going to develop a cord for the iPhone. Below is the response:

"Yes we are planning to have a cable that is compatible with the iPhone, I don’t know when that is going to be released but I do know that it will have an inline mic as well. Just keep checking the website and im sure as soon as it comes out it will be posted up on there."

I personally can't wait for them to release these! Anyway, I just wanted to let all of you other owners know that there is something coming. For now I just shaved down my current cord and it works for now.


New Member
Sep 3, 2007
That is good news! I think for now I will go out and get a cable to use my Super.Fi 5 pro now and not have to wait.

- Garrett