Torn between a Mophie juice pack air and a Mophie powerstation plus XL


Dec 7, 2011
Miami, Florida
Just before I got my iPhone 7 Plus, the Mophie juice pack I was using on my 6s Plus started acting a bit wonky—just a bit. Its performance also degraded at what seemed like a very accelerated rate. Luckily, Mophie honored their two-year warranty and they were going to send me a brand new one free of charge.

But now that I have a 7 Plus, I’m obviously not going to be able to use the same juice pack. I’ve informed mophie of this fact and they’ve offered to send me a powerstation plus XL, a behemoth of a device sporting a 12,000 mAh battery.

The Mophie juice pack for the iPhone 7 Plus has a much smaller battery capacity than the aforementioned device—only 2,420mAh.

I watched the video for the powerstation plus XL on Mophie’s site, and while that gargantuan battery capacity seems very attractive, the powerstation plus XL is obviously a separate device. It does not attach to the iPhone the way the juice pack does. So I’d have to carry around two devices—the iPhone, and the powerstation plus XL. Have any of you ever owned this powerstation plus XL? Is it easy to get accustomed to carrying both devices? Or should I stick with a mophie juice pack so that I only have to carry around one device (well, it’s still two devices, but one fits neatly inside the other, so it’s pretty much like carrying around one single device).

A friend prefers the external battery block and he actually tapes it to his iPhone for easier carrying, but that just doesn’t sound very appealing to me.

Lastly, do any of you have any friends who work at Mophie? I want that wallpaper on their site and I’m sure it’s obtainable if one knows the right people.

Failing that, I think I can clean this up using Photoshop, though that might entail breaking some kind of copyright law just a tad.