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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by gcaraway, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. gcaraway

    gcaraway New Member

    I do not use Yahoo!Address Book, or Outlook express, so I typed all my contacts into my iphone manually..I am afraid I will lose the contacts so I need to back them up on my computer somehow. How would I go about doing this? Some people told me to sync with outlook express, however I am concerned that outlook would overwrite all my contacts and leave me with nothing.

    Thank you for your help.
  2. Well you could always back them up in iTunes, that way if something ever happens to your phone, and need to restore, or you get the new iPhone, you will have all your info in iTunes. Unfortunately you can not use this info without syncing it back to your iPhone.
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  4. gcaraway

    gcaraway New Member

    that's what i need to do..because I am going to restore and don't want to lose all my contacts, however i do not want to backup all my music and videos, but is there a way I can just backup my contacts?
  5. man2rhyme

    man2rhyme New Member

    Use iTunes its flawless..
  6. gcaraway

    gcaraway New Member

    How do you backup your contacts to iTunes?
  7. jgunvalsen

    jgunvalsen New Member

    Me too

    I would like to know also...
  8. ColsTiger

    ColsTiger Zealot

    It'll only back up your contacts if you use Outlook for windows and the equivalent for mac.
  9. kaisivic

    kaisivic New Member

    Hi every one, can any body tell me the exact steps of how to back up my contacts from my iphone to my PC using itunes, i can only find a function where i can sync my contacts, but this only brings the contacts from my PC to my iphone, but i want to do it the other way around, thanks.
  10. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    Choose the sync contacts with Google/Gmail or Yahoo option in iTunes. That will backup phone contacts in the email account. Keeping that box checked will allow it to upate the email contacts every time you sync.
  11. kaisivic

    kaisivic New Member

    just want to confirm that these steps will take my contacts from my iphone the the email not from my email to my iphone, i am asking this because i am afraid to lose all my contacts if the function will bring email contacts to my iphone, and also is it possible to take the contacts to the outlock? many thanks
  12. qnc

    qnc New Member

    An option i have used is to downaload Synthesis syncML from Appstore.
    Get an account from (I have tried other sites but this seems to work the best for me)
    enter your settings and sync your contacts.
    I used this since 2.0 as a backup to the contacts saved on my Mac.
    I have had to use it a couple of times.(mostly of my own stupidity, by corrupting something)
    It saves your contacts, I have also been lucky as it seams to save my pictures as part of the sync information.
    (the picture does not show up on their website, but I have restored multiple times on 8 different iphones and pictures are always there.)
    (yes I'm and iPhone junkie)

    any way just an option with out worrying about information saved on your computer if you don't use outlook
  13. samalden

    samalden Guest

    First of all connect the iphon with the computer by the USB cable. Select the iphon from the iTune window. Click the apply lower- right corner of the screen. The completed of iphon with the computer it 's a very easy.
  14. gary_hendricks

    gary_hendricks New Member

    You can back up contacts from the iPhone into your desktop by:
    1) Using iTunes and doing a backup
    2) Synching via iTunes to Outlook contacts.

    Those are the 2 most common methods - I think (1) will apply to the original poster's question.
  15. imutter

    imutter Genius

    Your iphone then go to settings/mail, contacts, Calender and then add account. After that you need to set up an Exchange account (I used my regular gmail) once you set it up you have the option to turn of either mail, contacts, calender which ever you like
  16. RoofMonkey

    RoofMonkey Genius

    It better be one of the best transfer tools for $20!

    Sent from my iPhone4s using iCafe app
  17. ishikicamp

    ishikicamp New Member

    I was using the way a lot of you guys mentioned here, but since I'm on the go a lot and want to back up my contacts to multiple PCs, I needed a wireless solution (also had a near heart attack when I upgraded to a 4S and nearly had all my contacts wiped by iCloud).

    I started using the app ContactSendr, which has been super easy for sending my contacts to my PC without connecting to iTunes. It's saved me a ton of time.
  18. wisletoe

    wisletoe New Member

    Hello, I am getting a new iPhone for my birthday replacing my old one. I only have my contacts loaded on my old iphone and would like to back the contacts up to my Windows Contacts or ideally to Outlook before I can transfer them to my new iPhone. I do not use iTunes and prefer not to - I checked the apps suggested but I would need a more direct way to transfer over the contacts: sort of - plug to PC and transfer. thanking you in advance.
  19. RoofMonkey

    RoofMonkey Genius

    Which device & iOS do you have now? If its able to support iCloud, THAT would be you easiest way. Sync to iCloud, then restore to newer device.
  20. wisletoe if your old iPhone was released after after June 2009, i.e., your old iPhone is a 3GS or higher generation, you can use/create an iCloud account on both your old iPhone and your new iPhone (provided both devices run iOS 5 - to check that on your old iPhone, go to Settings > General > About and check the Version number). With the iCloud, you can thus your old iPhone contacts with your new iPhone.

    If you do not have iCloud (due to lower iOS/iPhone generation), you might want to use iTunes or some third party app to effectuate the contact transfer.
  21. wisletoe

    wisletoe New Member

    Old device is iphone 2 i think it is called 3G though, new is 4S.

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