Transfer games and apps between two iPads


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Feb 3, 2014
I have an ipad 2 that is Jailbroken. I just recently purchased an ipad air, but have not set it up yet. I want to give the older ipad to my wife, but want to transfer some of the games and apps to the ipad air. Should I back up the ipad 2 and then reset it to factory, then set it up as a new setup, or should I set the ipad air as a new setup and pick and choose apps from the ipad 2 backup? Sounds confusing, doesn't it? I have all by backups (iPhone/ipad) on iTunes. Any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Dec 12, 2008
You can share an iTunes account with your wife. After setting up the new iPad, you can download the apps through the App Store app for free since you have already purchased them. I highly recommend getting her a separate iCloud account. so you don't have to share the 5 GB of free storage space or bookmarks, notes and other personal data. Restore the old iPad for her then log her into iTunes/App Store with your iTunes account and then go into the iCloud settings and set her up with her up with a new iCloud account. It's perfectly fine to use two accounts on her iPad and you'll get the best of both worlds there because you can share apps and other itunes-purchased items, but you will not have to share storage space and bookmarks, etc.