Transfer music from iPhone to iTunes?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ETW, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. ETW

    ETW New Member

    OK, heres the deal. I have an iphone and two laptops. I have my music from laptop 1 on my iphone. I would like to get that music from my iphone and add it to laptop 2 so I have all of my music in one place. Is there anyway to do this transfer through my iphone?
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  2. AirmanZzZz

    AirmanZzZz New Member

    Currently I don't think there is. But there is a solution for the iPod that I know of (search sharepod). I am assuming you have less than 8 gigs of music - and if thats the case you can burn 2 dvds of it, and just copy it over. Or use a 1 gig mem stick 8 times since they are damn cheap now. Or just burn data cds (like 10 of them). Or use an external hard drive.

    Good luck - let me know if you want any other ideas
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  4. UFGator

    UFGator New Member

    iPod Access for Windows does this on iPods, but I'm not sure if it will work on the iphone. Give it a try.
  5. ETW

    ETW New Member

    Thanks for the ideas guys. I guess I'll just have to burn everything onto CDs
  6. marx4387

    marx4387 New Member

    "ipod for windows" works with iphones. i was able to clone all my songs on my iphone to itunes.
  7. melylon

    melylon New Member

    Authorise you iTunes account on your computer and it will let you sync your purchases back to it. It's under the store tab at the top...
  8. Mcrize

    Mcrize New Member


    My laptop has been reformatted and all files in iTunes had lost including song files. Now, I want to sync all my song files in my iPhone to my iTunes library, I'm just worrying if I'm going to that will my song files in iPhone will be lost too? Because there is none files in my iTunes library now. Please help me.
  9. Laylapotata

    Laylapotata Member

    Cant you just set up a family sharing between the two computers, Import all songs to one machine and then download? I did that with my sil when she got her first iPhone, but most of my songs are ripped from CDs, not purchased. I dont know if that works with purchased.
  10. hifly

    hifly New Member

    Whoa, this is pretty old. Now you have iTunes Match so you don't have to worry for the transfer.
  11. rankandy

    rankandy New Member

    Yeah, I also transfer music from my iPhone to iTunes. I download an iTunes music transfer software - PhonTunes, just connect your iPhone to your PC and the program will help you transfer music from your iPhone to iTunes. I also use the software to transfer un-purchased music from my computer to iPhone/iPod
  12. asuka4125

    asuka4125 New Member

    you can use Image Capture
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  13. TomTorino

    TomTorino New Member

    Are you kidding? use an image capture to transfer music?
    Take this guide and shut up. /IDQpnH
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  14. Kriss

    Kriss Contributor

    I actually just used a software: for copying all the music off my old 40gig iPod and it works like a charm. Then just load everything back into iTunes.
  15. The quote that defines the whole thread!

    Just use the iTunes "Transfer purchases" feature and you are all set. If you are up to using thrid party apps PhoneView, Senuti, CopyTrans, Sharepod are all about saing iphone music to iTunes. Comparison of such third-party software here:
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