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Discussion in 'iPad' started by Irish Rose, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. Irish Rose

    Irish Rose Zealot

    Can pictures be transferred between the iPhone 4 and the iPad 2 via Bluetooth? I thought I read somewhere that this was possible, however, when I tried it this evening I was not even able to connect the two devices so gave up and transferred some of my iPhone 4 pictures to my iPad 2 via email instead.....

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  2. HashBrown

    HashBrown Member

    Yup.... There is an app for that... It'll do it through wifi too!
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  4. RoofMonkey

    RoofMonkey Genius

    Ok, and the app name is???
  5. I remember the evening that Mindi and I were sitting in Chili's and I discovered that I could transfer files from iPhone to iPhone via iFile using Bluetooth. I was all proud of myself when she basically patted my hand and said something like, "Now, dear, I showed you that a long time ago..."
  6. HashBrown

    HashBrown Member

    It's simply called "Transfer"
  7. (L)

    (L) Contributor

    You could also use bump or mover too
  8. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    Close. We we sitting at Chili's, pretending it was an internet cafe, and I noticed the Bluetooth button in iFile. I pointed it out to you and we paired our phones. Then I had you send me an .mp3 to test it. We thought it was a pretty cool feature, so I started this thread. Several months later, you told me you were the one that discovered it. :)
  9. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    There are App Store apps, such as Bump, that allow you to transfer contact information and pictures. You can transfer songs, ringtones, documents, and videos via Bluetooth with iFile (iDevices only). Celeste will allow you to transer media to non-Apple devices, but it still isn't compatable with 4.x.
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  10. PinkBanana

    PinkBanana Zealot

    If you mean it's not yet compatible with iOS 4 Mindi, then I might have to correct you there...My Kev sent me an Mp3 last week, and I'm on 4.3.3.;) (he's running a Sony Ericsson Satio atm too). It took his satio a while to find me, but when he did it sent with no probs and I received it no probs. :cool:
  11. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    Hmmm. I wonder if it's because you're using a 3GS? I thought it would finally be released after Action Menu was updated last month. It has an Action Menu dependency and the Celeste dev, CocoaNuts (@cocoanutapps), said it would be ready for 4.x after Action Menu was updated. Action Menu was updated last month, probably because the new paid app, Rich Text for Email, also had an Action Menu dependency and was released the same day.

    I just checked Cydia and I'm still getting an unable to purchase error, specifically this error: This product requires iPhoneOS 2|3|4 [012]. I checked coconutapps Twitter feed and he has received tweets within the past couple hours asking when Celeste will be updated. I couldn't find much recent info on Macrumors or ModMyi, but I noticed some threads about boycotting the dev. He appears to have pissed a lot of people off by not updating paid apps, such as YouTube 2 and Celete.

    How long has it been working for you? Is it still buggy?
  12. PinkBanana

    PinkBanana Zealot

    Maybe. I would try it with an iPhone 4 only I don't have access to a Jailbroken one, only my brother's stock....
  13. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    I'll look into it later. I really want to test Celeste.
  14. Irish Rose

    Irish Rose Zealot

    Thank you both for these good suggestions. I never really thought about looking for an App to assist in the process, but it worked! I downloaded a free app called "WiFi Photo Share", and used it to transfer the last few photos from my son and daughter's field trips. I like viewing the pictures on the iPad's larger screen.

    Europa, I had a problem with the "Bump" app. It went to my iPhones photo album and allowed me to select the pictures, however, it did not do anything after that. Bumping the two devices together gave me a "Sorry unsuccessful bump, please try again" error message......... Also, iFile is a very good suggestion, but it won't work for me because I am having a problem getting my iPhone paired via Bluetooth with my iPad 2. I was able to pair my iPhone with 2 other Droids that I had. Wouldn't it be easier to pair up to another iDevice?
  15. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    Is the iPad jailbroken and does it have iFile installed on it? Make sure Bluetooth is turned on both devices, select a file in iFile, click the Bluetooth symbol at the bottom, search and pair, and then transfer the file.
  16. Irish Rose

    Irish Rose Zealot

    Thanks again, Europa. Unfortunately there is no jailbreak available for the iPad 2 yet, as far as I know. Also I am undecided on wether or not to jailbreak my iPad yet when it is released. I wrote down what you posted here so I can try it if I do decide to jailbreak it at some point. At least the app will do the job of transferring my photos until then.

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  17. So you're saying that I'm suffering from lost time? I knew it! UFO abduction!


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