Transferring iPhone backup from PC to Mac

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New Member
Jul 7, 2007
New York
I am currently using a sony vaio laptop and have all my iPhone files and w/e backed up on this computer.. i want to get a new laptop.. [mac book pro].. so what do i have to do to transfer my restore files to the mac ? i have my iPhone modded so i don't want to have the mod files on the backup. im VERY confused :mad: help. PLEASE.


New Member
Jul 26, 2007
I just went through the same thing, bought a Macbook as well!

Well, you would basically have to either put all of your video's, pic's, music on an external HD and then start from scratch, that's the hard way.

You can also buy iPod access which I did to get all of my playlists and music on to the new computer.

As for the FULL BACKUP, I will find the page that showed how to get to it on your PC, I copied the folder and put it on 2 external HD's I have just in case my phone ever went bad..

I'll post up how to do it when I find it tomorrow! But I don't think you can put the folder and files on the macbook and then sync it to iTunes somehow so it knows its a backup, very irritating and complicated :(