tried to run jailbreak and error!


Sep 11, 2007
Austin, FL
hey what has happened here...

followed the jailbreak instructions and before you know it as it is updating my iPhone through iTunes after it told me to open iTunes

the phoen will not stop rebooting...this happened last nite...and stil will not stop rebooting i turned it off and am bringing it to att this morning...

thank god i only got the phone 6 days ago....

why did this happen?>? i had springboard and summerboard installed fine and then went to do this is that the reason?

i am scared to do it when i get a new phone now...argghh

any ideas?


New Member
Sep 12, 2007
don't take it to att or theylll know youre been modding your iPhone :p
this same endless loop happened to me 6 days ago. What happens is that after you install iTunes 7.4 the old jailbreak program we loved to use and used to love doesn't work anymore! if you wanna mod havin iTunes 7.4 you gotta restore your iPhone and then use apptap:

apptap uses a new version of jailbreak that works fine along iTunes 7.4. Aptapp will also put installer on your phone.