Trouble lo"gging in to your online account?

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New Member
Jul 2, 2007
Has anyone had trouble logging into their online account since activating an iPhone?
I was a cingular customer with a family plan. I replaced my main phone with an iPhone and changed data plan. Since that time I have not been able to login to my account online.
I called customer support who reset my password and when that didn't work they said "yep there is a problem" ?


New Member
Jul 1, 2007
same problem here... it worries me because i don't think my account is set up right.

i hate to call customer service to fix it, and i miss being able to log into olam to change/add/remove features when i need them :[


New Member
Jun 30, 2007

I just had the same exact problem and was on the phone for 3 hrs. To avoid the conversation I just had, you need to re-register with the online account system. Go to and click sign in to account, then click register. Just verify your information and it will send you a txt message to the number you setup the account as. I had to use the primary account number, not the add a phone line number. Once I registered I logged in and everything was fine, just as I left it with the huge balance :).

Hope this helps