Trying to get ringtones... please help

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New Member
Jun 30, 2007
ok, i bought a song with a ringtone symbol and created a ringtone with no problem... BUT... i bought a cd from best buy and put it on iTunes when i got home, and i searched for it on iTunes to see if they can be made ringtones, and they can... but on my music library there is no ringtone icon... on the iTunes store the whole cd has ringtone icons, i don't want to buy the song again from iTunes and then make a ringtone, i want to just make ringtones from the cd i already bought... does anyone have any advice here?


Jul 16, 2007
you can't create ringtones using songs from your own music library. you can only *buy* ringtones from iTunes. so, if you want to use that song on the CD you just bought as a ringtone, you have to buy that song from iTunes (and have a 2nd copy of it on your computer), and then buy the ringtone for another $.99.

yes, it sucks, doesn't it? :( if you want to use your own music library to make ringtones, you'll have to find some other software/hack to do this...