Turn off Safari page swipe?

Napoleon PhoneApart

Jun 19, 2007
Upper Marlboro, MD
My eyes are not too good either, and I zoom and swipe when I can. Many pages in Safari won't zoom using the finger pinch. But I have never had a problem as you describe, and don't see how you do it. I'm not disputing you, I just don't see how it happens to you and not me. :)
Some Safari pages aren't formatted to allow pinch and zoom. If you need it, turn on three-finger zoom in the Accessibility settings.


Jul 28, 2010
North Jersey
There is a tweak in Cydia called Flex 2 that will disable the Safari Swipe. It costs $3.99. Has many other features. I've got it installed and it works great. No more mistaken swipes.


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Apr 8, 2016
Why is this not a more recent subject? I have constantly since the left right swipe inception have been taken back to the previous website page. Don't give me this you have to swipe 3/4 of the screen I can do it by coming close to the left side of the page and not even making it to the center of the home button before it flashes me back to the previous page. You think it's nothing but when your typing out a long entry in a text block of a webpage that just wasted your last ten minutes and you quickly scroll with your finger left to right to see the beginning on the current line your typing and next thing you know your looking at the previous screen and lost everything. yes it's a problem. I want it gone of the ability to decide if I want gestures.

Also the left side gesture window expands when your zoomed in to a normal website so you can touch almost a half inch inside of the screen to flick the page back to the left side and trigger a back page gesture only touching the screen for about a 1/4 inch at a fast pace. Try it. We older people need to zoom into this little screen to read stuff. Gestures suck!!!