Turn the iPhone into a scanner

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Mar 31, 2007
Lay that big screen down on your computer screen and instantly snatch the info into memory. The camera function with a macro capability would basically do the trick!


New Member
Apr 28, 2007
You can already do this with PPC's, and some Nokia models.
While maybe a good idea, (I don't think I'd use it but...) it might just be one of those ideas that is too hard to implument in such a way that the consumer would find it easy. If Apple cannot make it simple for the user, they will not do it.
Jun 13, 2007
iPhone scanning

I agree with pwb503... Apple is going to put in something that would be simple to the user's touch... cool idea! I know that isights can scan and read barcodes though.. and there is an Application that stores all the barcoded items, something like creating a virtual library. it would be cool for the iPhone to be able to scan barcodes in the same manner.