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    I got this app last week and here is my review....
    It's amazing. It suits the iOS 7 theme with transparent effects. Each time you post a tweet it does so in the background whilst you are browsing your tweets.
    Here are some screen shots:
    MY favourite thing about this app is the UI. They changed it completely adding new features like the following ;Background Content Fetch
    Tweetbot fetches tweets for you in the background so you can do more reading and less waiting when you launch the app.
    Enjoy spending time meticulously crafting your tweets? Tweetbot's drafts are just the thing for you. And it now displays how many pending drafts there are so you'll never forget to come back to them.
    Customizable Tab Bar
    Giving users options doesn't always have to result in cluttered menus or complex navigation systems. Just hold down on one of the last 2 tab buttons and choose a new section.
    Push and Inline Notifications
    Never miss a mention, direct message, or more. Tweetbot supports system push notifications and beautiful inline notifications while you are in the app.
    Power to Mute
    Tired of seeing a specific hashtag? Or maybe that someone is tweeting too much and you'd just like a temporary break. Use Tweetbot's power muting system to hide tweets based on various conditions.
    Media Timeline
    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Say goodbye to the world of just 140 characters and browse pictures in your timeline and lists.
    Custom Services
    Like using Cloudapp or Droplr to share images? Maybe you even roll your own? No problem. Tweetbot supports multiple media sharing services as well as "read later" services like Instapaper, Pocket, Pinboard, and more.
    Timeline Sync
    Use Twitter on multiple devices? Use iCloud to sync your timeline location and direct message read status across all versions of Tweetbot, or Tweetmarker to sync across other Twitter clients.
    Wi-Fi Streaming
    When on a Wi-Fi network, forget fetching new data manually and let the tweets come to you streaming live as they are published.
    Love Your Lists
    Lists are a great way to categorize twitter users. Create a list for news, or around your favorite hobby. Tweetbot lets you create, edit, and read lists with ease.
    Here is the link if y'all are interested:
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    This review was apparently written by someone else. Care to give attribution?
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    Does it offer a dark or black theme option? I use Echofon because they offer the black theme. It's easier in my tired old eyes. I guess I could use the invert colors in accessibility, but that makes the photos look weird.

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    I didn't notice an option for color themes.

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