two identical iPhones - one recognized by my PC the other not


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Dec 17, 2008
My wife and I bought identical iPhone 3G a few months ago.

I plug mine into my PC running Vista and it shows up in My Computer as a Portable Device with a Camera icon titled Apple iPhone, launches Autoplay and allows me to browse the pictures stored on my phone, copy them off to a folder on my computer, etc. BTW, I have auto synch disabled in iTunes where the iPhone also shows up as a device.

I remove it using the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in the systray. I then unplug the phone from the USB cable, but leave the cable plugged into the same port on my computer.

I then plug in my wife's iPhone into the same USB cable and nothing happens. The phone doesn't reappear in iTunes or in My Computer. So I assume something is cached that doesn't match. I reboot. Her iPhone is still not found at reboot.

I unplug her phone, plug mine back in and same result. Mine appears and behaves as expected and as I originally described above.

So, okay, maybe something permanent is going on. I take her phone out of my PC and plug it into her laptop, also running Vista. Plug it in and, again, hers does not show up. Unplug hers, plug mine in, and mine behaves properly.

So then we compared settings. They appear to be identical.

What could be causing hers not to appear on either computer?


Sep 2, 2007
Austin, Tx
Has the wife's phone ever been recognized, by either / any PC, since you bought it?

Given that it's just not being seen at all (if I understand your description correctly) by two separate PCs, I'd say maybe it's a hardware / port defect on the phone.

Imagine a call to Apple Support would diagnose that pretty quick ...