Two iPhones-One iTunes


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Nov 18, 2007
My wife and I both have iPhones...The problem, is we have a different taste in music. I don't want to have to sync the phones with each others music. Also why is it that if the music in iTunes is not checked it gets wiped off the iPhone? Is there a way around this? It's killing me having to resync the same songs each time. It took about an hour to sync 500 songs onto my wifes iPhone, is that about average? Any help in this would be greatly appreciated.


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Jun 26, 2007
Orlando, Florida
On the main iPhone screen in iTunes the last option says
"Sync only checked..." so if they are not checked they willbe removed formt he iPhone.

You need to make 2 playlists. One with all your music and one with all of hers. On the music tab on the iTunes iPhone screen check sync music and choose 'selected playlists' Check your playlist for your phone.

Plug in her iPhone and do the same thing but select her playlist from the list.

Now just use your playlist to add and remove music from your iPhone.


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Nov 28, 2007
i still cant use 1 iTunes for both iPhones. whenever i connect my wifes iPhone it wont sync or transfer songs that i have. we don't have a problem having same songs in our iPhone but the problem is i cant even sync her iPhone. help pls. by the way i have windows vista (home edition)