Two Ways To Access Spotlight Search?


Jan 4, 2010
Dallas, TX
I don't understand why we need two methods to access the Spotlight Search feature. There's the old way from iOS 8 by pulling down on the home screen, and the newly added way of swiping from the left on the first home screen. I get that the new Siri Suggestions toggle adds "Siri App Suggestions" to the former method, and adds both "Siri Suggestion" (which includes recent contacts and apps) and four "Nearby" search options to the latter method. In addition to this, there is a "Spotlight Suggestions" toggle within the Spotlight Search settings which seems to do nothing but add "News" to the Siri Suggestions. In my opinion this is redundant and pointless. Does anyone else see the usefulness here? Perhaps it's so people can choose which method to use based on personal preference, but then why not make them the same?

I also don't understand why Game Center shows up in my Siri Suggested Apps since I never use it. I understand the OS is supposed to adapt to your usage over time, but there are apps I use very frequently that should appear there instead of Game Center. While I'm at it, I'll point out something else that bothers me. There's an option to "Show More" while viewing Siri Suggestions. This is handy because it gives you more options to choose from and makes more use of screen real estate. I can't figure out why this is not the default instead of "Show Less." More frustrating is the fact that when I select "Show More" and then leave the search screen, when I return to it, it has reverted back to "Show Less" making it less useful. Why do I feel like I'm testing a beta version of Apple software again? ;)