Typing/texting problems on iPhone 3GS

Discussion in 'iPhone 3GS' started by swanleyjon, Dec 26, 2011.

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    Dec 25, 2011
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    I have been very happy with my 3Gs for the past 18months or so,but the one thing that really bugs me is the constant going back and correcting my typing errors ,I just cannot type a text without making mistakes.

    My wife has an Htc Android phone,where it is easy to swith keyboards to one on screen version like the older mobile keyboards where you tap,double or triple tap a button to get different letters or numbers.

    Can anyone tell me if the iPhone4 has this feature,I love my iPhone but can see me changing to an Android if Apple do not make typing/texting easier.


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    Jul 15, 2010
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    The iPhone's autocorrect doesn't do it automatically? It could be a pain sometimes but most of the times it does help.

    As for other letters like Ñ, tap and hold the letter/symbol on the keyboard and see what other letters/symbols are available.
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    Nov 3, 2011
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    I took of autocorrect because that was bad for me. I hit buttons right... Anyway don't completely understand what you want

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