UGH! Very mad.... can't activate

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New Member
Jun 27, 2007
SO i finally get my iPhone today and Im so excited to start using it and everytime I plug it in and open iTunes it foes straight to the window for existing customers. (Im currently with tmobile and wanna change) so I went to AT&T they said its because I didn't get my credit check so they did that and said it would be fine. Went home same thing again. Went back and they said to take out sim card and put back in...did it went home...nothing! Went back then they said you need a new one and still. Called up Apple and she told me to reinstall iTunes and it would work..AND IT STILL doesn't. It keeps showing the same screen "current number,zip,ss#..." Did anyone else have this problem. Im getting very frustrated.


New Member
Jun 30, 2007
Only issue I had was that I didn't re-athorized my iTunes for the current computer when I updated. Once I did that it worked fine.