Ultimate Buds Customer Service

Jul 16, 2008
I purchased the UB5 headphones right after UB announced their release and have been very happy with the return for my investment. I believe they are really a big step above the stock Apple buds.

Anyway, recently the sound from the left speaker would go in and out on occasion as though there was a short in the wire somewhere. I was disappointed to say the least so I decided to send Ultimate Buds' customer service a short email expressing my displeasure.

I sent the email around midnight my time and less than 6 hours later Brad from UB replied to my email. Not only was I in complete shock that he answered my email in record time, I was also surprised that he didn't once try to blame the problem on misuse as many companies would have. He simply apologized for the problem and reminded me that they have a warranty to ensure customers remained happy with their product. He ended the email advising me a new pair was on the way. He just told me to be expecting them and didn't even ask me to return the original headphones before they would ship out the new set.

Kudos to Brad and Ultimate Buds for handling this situation above and beyond my expectations. They sure know how to develop a loyal customer following.