unique AT&T number transfer question

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New Member
Apr 30, 2007
So im going to be coming from verizon on the 29th (what a glorious day!), and am wondering if i should start transferring my account during the day BEFORE 4:30 or wait till after...

this question is mainly for those who work at AT&T and can give some advice on this issue. i only ask because my work is giving me a hard time taking the day off. if i can actually get my number transfer initiated before 4:30 that may save some time for everyone :D

if you all think this is a ridiculous question then shoot me a /flame! i need to know

Spin This!

New Member
May 4, 2007
Do it when you buy your phone. It should only take a couple minutes to port the number over (but it takes a couple hours to activate... kind of like DNS on the Internet). They won't start the process until you have signed the contract first anyway.