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Discussion in 'iPhone 6' started by barcamehdi23, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. barcamehdi23

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    Feb 21, 2017
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    Hi All,

    Im new on this forum and I need your expertise to solve my problem with my Iphone 6.
    Actually, I've got a used Iphone from my brother who has bought it as a second hand phone. The phone is blocked at the O2 UK network and I would like to use it in France with the bouygue network. I would like to unlock and I've seen in the O2 official website that it's possible to do it for free but I don't have a O2 number and I have checked the phone in a website and I discovered that it's a blacklisted one.

    Could any one help me solve this situation?

  2. iPutz

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    Nov 20, 2012
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    The most likely reason for a phone to be blacklisted is that it was reported as being lost or stolen. If that is the case you have a very expensive paperweight, nothing more.
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    Jan 26, 2017
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    Harsh but true. Do your research before buying second hand I guess.

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