Unlocking AT&T iPhone 4 Via o2 UK


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May 16, 2011
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So, Im not sure if you guys have heard but its possible for o2 UK (or maybe any company to unlock the iPhone even if its locked to another company) I have a AT&T iPhone Which Im Getting Unlocked by o2... don't Believe me? Although Chat rep's are getting smarter now and asking for mobile number, last top up, balance etc. If you get someone a bit lazy you can get it unlocked permanently for FREE! It's all on your luck i guess.... Here is my chat i had with the rep.. *Names Changed*

Welcome to O2. Someone will be with you soon.

You're through to Annabel.

Annabel: Hi I'm Annabel. How can I help?
iCafe: Hello
Annabel: Hi.
iCafe: I was wondering if i can speak to "FAY" ?
Annabel: I'm sorry but he's not available on shift at the moment.
iCafe: oh.
Annabel: I've taken your request to unlock the phone and see that you've been on chat with my colleagues.
iCafe: huh?
Annabel: Can I have the IMEI number of your phone?
iCafe: (*IMEI EDITED*)
Annabel: Thanks.
Annabel: I've forwarded the request to unlock the phone.
Annabel: Is there anything else I can help you with?
iCafe: Really?
iCafe: How long till its unlocked?
Annabel: It'll take upto seven working days.
iCafe: ohh ok, thank you very much.
Annabel: You're welcome.
Annabel: Have a nice day and enjoy your weekend.
iCafe: Same to you!
Annabel: Bye and take care.

I guess ill post a screenshot when i get the unlock done :)


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Dec 18, 2011
Once you have asked O2 to unlock what do you do? They said i will get a text.. Do I leave my O2 sim in and wait? Do i need to hook up to iTunes?


Apr 11, 2008
Once you have asked O2 to unlock what do you do? They said i will get a text.. Do I leave my O2 sim in and wait? Do i need to hook up to iTunes?
The unlock can take around 7 days. I received a congratulations screen in iTunes saying my phone was unlocked.
Jan 4, 2012
i have iPhone 3gs bought off ebay unlocked apperently not the case with working away went over my limit to open a case as was over 6 week so now im stuck with a AT&T locked phone my quection is i have read saying 02 will unlock the phoneif you have a contract with them as im a contract holder with 02 is this the case ? also if its true will i have to leave my sim card in the phone until the unlock happens or can still use my old phone until they unlock it


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Aug 4, 2012
hi,i just bought an iPhone 4 locked on AT&T,and i live in the uk,how can i unlock it pls?
Hai, you can unlock the iPhone4 locked on At&t through online unlocking service provider. I know very well remote unlocking service is best and safest unlocking method for iPhones. You can get trusted remote unlocking service for your iPhone4 at Theunlockarena.com