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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by dstotter, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. dstotter

    dstotter New Member

    My iphone says that I have one unread message (in the home screen counter icon and at the top of the email screen), but there are no unread messages in the list. I've opened each email several times, turned my account off and on several times, but the counter still says one unread message.
    This is at least annoying, perhaps a sign of a bigger problem.
    Any suggestions?
  2. ChemicalWeather

    ChemicalWeather New Member

    this is probably obvious but if you have 2 email accounts or more on your iphone then you may have a new message in a different account, just check all your accounts
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  4. dstotter

    dstotter New Member

    Nope, just one account (popmail).
  5. petalmom

    petalmom New Member

    Have you tried re-setting the phone?
  6. mrarmbar22

    mrarmbar22 New Member

    This happens to me sometimes as well. I am using Hotmail with izymail. Give it some time and it should update itself. Mine always does.
  7. dstotter

    dstotter New Member

    How do you reset the phone? I've turned the account on and off, but have not deleted the account. I would rather not start over.
  8. petalmom

    petalmom New Member

    Hold the sleep/wake button (on the top) and the home button (the round one on the bottom front) at the same time until it shuts off (ignore the "slide to turn off").

    This may not clear the problem but it's easy enough to try. Good luck!
  9. ChemicalWeather

    ChemicalWeather New Member

    you may have to put in the account again, doesnt take too long
  10. kakofonix

    kakofonix Member

    Happened to me once too. What I did was send myself a test message to "flush" the phantom e-mail. When I opened my test mail, that seemed to reset the counter.
  11. bmbufalo

    bmbufalo New Member

    I've tried everything listed here with no sucess and it is driving me nuts! Anyone have a solution? I am syncing my iPhone with Gmail/IMAP and I do have a second account set up but the unread count is with gmail for sure.
  12. lekron

    lekron New Member

    Same problem here too

    Ever since I installed 4.0 I'm getting all sorts of weird mail app behavior (phantom emails, constantly incorrect unread mail count, sometimes will keep the blue indicator next to a message even though Ive clicked on it. I have one mobile me account, that's it. Not sure what else it could be but a bug in the new iphone OS.
  13. bigdaddy

    bigdaddy New Member

    Unread Message Counter shows phantom email count

    Maybe someone can help me? Here is what I have done, before asking for help:

    •reset iPhone
    •deleted all messages on server
    •upgraded to 4.0.2
    •restored backup of previous ios
    •disabled email accounts, re-enabled
    •deleted email accounts, setup again (this was a pain, lost all old email, but worth it if it had worked!!)

    Anything I might be overlooking? I hate seeing a little "2" on the email icon, and seeing the same "2" in the main group of inboxes, but no unread emails inside of the group or individual inboxes.

    Thanks for any help. I'll post any solution I might find!


    I just tried deleting every email message in the inbox, sent mail, and trash. There are NO emails anywhere in any folders, yet it still says (1) unread email in the inbox. I have 6 email accounts on my iphone, and two of them show an unread message count. Very strange. Not sure what is causing there to be rogue unread email notifiers.

    Hope someone can help me out. Thanks!
  14. Lee Kornblum

    Lee Kornblum New Member

    Go into the "All" folder (or "label" in Gmail lingo) rather than your "Inbox"; there is probably something there that is marked as not read, possibly a reply you had created by mistake. Delete the unread mail in the All folder and return to your Inbox; it may still show a count of 1 but will change when you exit.

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