updating others iPhones


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Mar 21, 2008
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so i must live around people who are either lazy, retarded, or both, but so many of them never update their crap. my sister being one of them, along with a couple of friends. a good amount of them have gotten iPhones after seeing mine and all that it can do, but for whatever reason like i said they don't update it. then when they come over, they want me to jailbreak it, but as i have downloaded the latest version of quickpwn, i am hesitant to mess with their iPhone with outdated firmware. i tried to update one of my friends, which i did, but it put my info (apps, contacts, other stuff) onto his phone and he is afraid to sync it because he doesn't want to lose the jailbreak.

so my question is, is there a way to update a random iPhone on my macbook pro using iTunes WITHOUT sharing my information? wouldn't they just have to connect it with their computer and sync their information? doesn't seem too hard to me, just wondering if anyone has done this though. i figure it has to be possible as they can do it at the Apple store. thanks.


Aug 8, 2008
If you plug any iPhone into your computer and close iTunes (make sure iTunes doesn't auto sync), then open quickpwn, jailbreak the device, and your info will not sync to there iPhone. Obviously, you will need to download the latest firmware without using iTunes.... when you have d/l it once, you can use the same firmware for multiple JB's... you do not need iTunes open for quickpwn

If by accident it does sync your info, then they will need to take there newly jailbroken 2.2 iPhone home, plug it into iTunes, and then sync... as long as they don't click restore, you wont have a problem!

Simple way though, is for them to update to latest firmware at home, then bring it to you to JB then go home and sync it again!