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Discussion in 'iPhone 6S' started by Myer, Jun 25, 2016.

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    Jun 25, 2016
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    Very new to iPhone.
    I would like to upload photos from my PC to 6S.
    I am able to create folders on the 6S but that doesn't appear to have any useful effect.
    I downloaded iTunes to my PC.
    I disconnected the wall plug from my charging cable and connected the USB end to my PC and the other end to my 6S.
    Synching is causing me a problem as I would like to upload photos and leave them alone unless I want to add or delete.
    I managed to select my 6S in iTunes.
    I selected Photos on the left side.
    I was able to select the desired folder on my PC holding the photos to upload.
    I cannot see nor select individual photos should I want to only upload some photos.
    I cannot select the folder/album on my 6S to be a destination.
    When I click Apply the photos are uploaded to the 6S into a folder/album that has the same name as the folder on my PC.
    If the folder/album I already created on the 6S has the same name I end up with two folders/albums on the 6S and one is empty.
    If I upload photos from another folder to the 6S, I can no longer see the previous folder/album.
    Why was all of this so simple on my Android tablet?
    Help? Or should I be using a different approach?
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    I think your best bet is to set up a free Dropbox account or a OneDrive account and upload all your pics from your pc to the cloud. Then download the pictures from the cloud to your iPhone.
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