Uploading certain songs to iPhone

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New Member
Jun 18, 2007
I am trying to upload some of my 17gigs music library onto the iPhone. Since I cant upload all my music how do I upload the music that I want to upload?



New Member
Jun 30, 2007
Create a new playlist, add the songs you want to that playlist(file/newplaylist). When you click on the iPhone in the left menu, click on the music tab and select sync music. Than choose the playlist you named for your phone and click sync.
Jul 2, 2007
Smart playlists are really useful too. I created a regular playlist first with all the music from my library I like. Then I created a smart playlist and started applying rules to it like:
"Playlist is (the other playlist I made)"
"My rating is not 1 star"
"My rating is not 2 stars"
"Last Play is not in the last 1 months"
I checked the box at the top to match all of the rules and I checked the box to Limit to 4 GB selected by random and checked live updating. Now every time I sync I have 4 gigs of music that is by artists I like and it is all music I haven't heard in the last month and no songs that I have rated with one or two stars. Each time I sync it removes songs that it needs to and refills the list back to 4 gigs.