UPS Problem with Delivery using Pre-Sign

Discussion in 'iPad' started by billnye97, Nov 1, 2012.

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    So I ordered the iPad mini 32Gb and a Smart Cover for it. The smart cover got shipped early and was scheduled for delivery. My wife works nights as a ER nurse so I didn't want the delivery to wake her up as she slept after working 12 hours the night before. So I went to Apple's web site and viewed my existing orders. I clicked the Pre-Sign for delivery option and printed the sheet and signed it. I taped it to my front door. Much to my dismay when I got home from work my wife stated that the UPS guy was pounding on the door till she answered. She signed for the package and the UPS guy said that Apple didn't allow them to do the Pre-Sign for their products. I don't really understand since I went to the Apple site to print out the pre sign sheet. I understand if it was the iPad itself but it was only the cover.

    Has this happened to anyone else?
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    UPS will always knock on the door regardless of a note asking not to or pre sign slip or even there missed delivery slip signed.

    I don't know about the not leaving it part but you will always get a knock from them.

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