Urban Armor Gear cases?

Nov 14, 2008
Cairo, Egypt.
I am pretty sure someone here bought an Urban Armor Gear case for their device before - I remember seeing it in the Post Your Last Purchase thread, and I was wondering what do you think about it in terms of quality, endurance, size and whether or not it adds a lot of bulk to the device. My HTC One is fairly and the HTC Double Dip Flip case I have makes it very bulky and I don't like that, and that's in addition to the fact that I am bored with flip cases (had them ever since the Galaxy SIII) and I am looking for a back case only.

This case looks awesome and nothing like I've ever seen before, and judging by the pictures I've seen and reviews I've read, it seems to have some really good quality. I am asking because shipping and customs will cost me A LOT, which is why I'd like to make an informed decision about it before dishing out so much money.

Thanks guys!
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