URGENT: Loud Speaker issue


New Member
Jun 15, 2016

- The ringer buzzer speaker (one at the bottom of the iPhone which is used to play loud music or phone call on speaker) just crashed a few days back. The phone is obviously out of warranty so I tried to take this project myself!

- Ordered the ringer buzzer online and it said "OEM" and came with instructions to replace the worn out one.

- After replacing it the part didn't work as expected at all and it turns out, on further research, the part wasn't "OEM".

I need the following help:-

- Need technical specifications of the Ringer Buzzer Speaker (one at the bottom of the iPhone) like voltage- ampere ratings, power wattage, impedance rating so I can try testing another speaker on a test board in my garage (Yes, no information available on google as much as I could try).

- If anyone can tell how to make out OEM from Generics that information will be REALLY handy too! (although assuming OEM might not be available in the market to anyone but authorized apple dealers).

Attached picture of ringer buzzer (loud speaker)

Any help appreciated !