USB erased on Disk Utility; no longer working...

Oct 7, 2010
Hi, I noticed my USB was getting full after deleting tv episodes (deleting old to replace with new) so I erased the disk in Disc Utility.

The USB (Sandisc Cruzer) still works on my MBP, ie I can open it to transfer files, but when I plug it into my DVD player it doesn't recognize that anything has been plugged in. I've tried the same in a different DVD player with the same results.

Can anyone help with a resolution to this, as all was working prior to me erasing.

Cheers :)


Mar 12, 2010
Maybe your USB stick is in the wrong format. Try checking to see which file system your DVD player recognizes. I'm guessing your MBP formatted it to HFS (aka Mac's file system) instead of the more common FAT, FAT32 or NTFS filesystems used by windows machines. You can check the filesystem of your USB by selecting its icon and hitting command-I to open its info pane.

If it is the wrong filesystem, backup your files on to a folder on your desktop and then use disk utility to reformat it to a compatible filesystem for your DVD player, and re-transfer the files from your backup folder back the USB stick.