Username or Password for AOL is incorrect

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Dascove, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. Dascove

    Dascove Member

    As of this morning, my iPhone won't retrieve my email. It keeps popping up a notification saying that the username and/or password are incorrect when they are not. Nothing has fixed it so far. I am not jailbroken, though I was previously. However, I reset as a new phone to get rid of the jailbreak a few days ago.

    Any idea what's causing this and how to fix it?
  2. Kgd0630

    Kgd0630 Contributor

    I am having the same problem with both my iPhones! Nothing has worked so far.
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  4. Loquutis

    Loquutis New Member

    Me too, but only with my Netscape account which is AOL. My gmail and yahoo accounts both work.
  5. DeVante

    DeVante New Member

    This same thing is happening to me, for a while there I actually did think that I had the wrong password.
  6. Kgd0630

    Kgd0630 Contributor

    Mine is still not working! Anyone else?!
  7. Watcher

    Watcher Zealot

    I would say something disparaging about AOL but I won't. That's very bizzare, though. Have you all tried resetting your network settings? And since you set it up as new phone, I'm assuming you've re-added your email service and password...
  8. Dascove

    Dascove Member

    I've tried everything I could think of. And yes, I restored it Thursday night, and it wasn't until this morning that my email wouldn't work.
  9. gibby71

    gibby71 Member

    AOL is going through an upgrade. Discussion here at Apple support.
  10. Kgd0630

    Kgd0630 Contributor

    I spoke with AOL they said they have a server down and no clue how long it may take. So, it's not an iPhone issue, just AOL.
  11. Kgd0630

    Kgd0630 Contributor

    Email now works!
  12. Loquutis

    Loquutis New Member

    Finally! It's working once more. Hope everyone else's is also.
  13. Carroll Cannon

    Carroll Cannon New Member

    I reset the radio on iPhone4S and IPAD2,added a second outgoing mail server and re-entered the new password on my iPhone4S and IPAD2 and Aol mail started working again on both.
  14. showguy

    showguy Member

    All the Apple iPhone technology in the world will not tackle a dead server at an ISP.

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