Using another Sprint SIM card in a "bad ESN" Sprint iPhone 5s


Jul 16, 2009
All over the World !
I did the mandatory search but didn't come up with an answer. Here are my 2 options for a Sprint Sim Card:

1- I have an activated current Sprint iPhone 4s so I cut my sim card to make it smaller to fit the Sprint iPhone 5s
2- I buy a new Sprint Sim card at Best Buy

With these 2 options can I buy a used Sprint iPhone 5s online and just insert my sim and use it like we do with GSM phones?

Here's what I'm looking at right now:
I talked to a guy today that opened an account with Sprint a year ago when he bought an HTC. He wanted to keep the HTC clear so he bought a used 5s and switched it to his account. He now stopped paying the account with a year left on a 2 year contract so he says Sprint now considers the 5s (the one currently on his account) as a bad ESN for breaking the contract.

Can I insert either one of the 2 sims from above and use his 5s on my account like I could do on AT&T or T-Mobile with a GSM phone?