Using my wife's early upgrade to get iPhone 4S

Discussion in 'iPhone 4S' started by Hinezy, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. Hinezy

    Hinezy Contributor

    I'm not eligible for the early upgrade for the iPhone 4S but my wife is and she's allowing me to use it. My question is, when the phone arrives via fed ex from the apple online store, should I swap my iPhone 4 sim card into it or will I be able to set it up with the supplied sim? If you can do either is there a preferred method? I wasn't sure if the sim comes with my wife's number pre loaded, or if that's something you enter during the setup?
  2. VOLS34

    VOLS34 Zealot

    They say to use the sim that comes with it. I would gather all the info from your wife's phone & the new phone & call your carrier prior to activating & let them know your intentions. Might be best to use a line thats not gonna be affected.
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  4. VOLS34

    VOLS34 Zealot

    Actually if she's keeping her phone the same just use hers to call & tell them you wanna use the upgrade for yours.

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    I'm not sure if this will work because the iPhone 4 data plan is different for The iPhone 4s data plan. When I upgraded I has to remove my iPhone 4 data plan and add a 4s data plan so I think u may need to call then too see of this works.
  6. VOLS34

    VOLS34 Zealot

    My data plan stayed the same. Still have unlimited. They have never cared about me using an upgrade for another line & I've did it many times without it affecting data plans. With the iPhone you just need to call. It's not as simple as swapping sim cards.
  7. ed2438

    ed2438 Contributor

    not necessarily. i upgraded one of my lines for the 4S. i put it on my line which has the unlimited and I didn't have to change the unlimited iPhone feature. it shows the option for the iPhone 4s unlimited, but you don't have to switch to it. the guy at the AT&T store said its just another way for them to make money. they are going to charge you a month in advance for changing the feature to the unlimited 4s plan.
  8. theorioles33

    theorioles33 Evangelist

    This is what I did. Activate the new phone as your wife's number. Her current phone will deactivate. Put the 4s sim into hers and put your current iPhone 4 sim in the 4s.
  9. VOLS34

    VOLS34 Zealot

    If she's staying the same it would just be easier to call & have them add his number to the sim card that comes with the 4S & activate it.
  10. theorioles33

    theorioles33 Evangelist

    That'll work too.
  11. Eninety2

    Eninety2 Member

    i did this at the apple store. They upgraded her line, disconnected her phone, swapped sims. then did the same thing to mine.
  12. Dj101

    Dj101 Member

    that sim is specific to her number.....alll idid was put my sim and waited to call them when all phones were in hand
    they did all the switching no problems,i always use the upgrades for my line.

    the rule in my house always is.....i get the new phone,the wife gets the old phone and someone else foots the bill(whom ever buys the extra phone)
    so there is another upgrade in march if the iphone 5 comes sneeking out
  13. Eninety2

    Eninety2 Member

    Umm, iPhone 4S uses a different sim card. It should say 4g.
  14. Dj101

    Dj101 Member

    i need what your smoking.......the sim i recieved was exacty the same as the one i have now

    FYI.....its not a 4g phone.they might try to say so at some point...but its not
  15. dorrien12

    dorrien12 Member

    Set it up with the SIM provided and the line that it was upgraded on. And after its working, then call your provider to switch SIMs and to put your wife's info back.

    I work for AT&T, they allow cross upgrades, but there's a set of procedures for it. And whenever people don't do it that way first, it's always a mess.

    Verizon has the buddy ???, not sure about Sprint.

    Also, if they send you a extra SIM, then they are telling you the one on the phone is invalid. Put that one in, activate have provider change things.

    Bottom line, get it working first, then call provider and swap stuff.

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  16. VOLS34

    VOLS34 Zealot

    Why would you activate the line then call? It makes no sense. If he were to activate it as his wife's phone it would disable her current phone & make a bigger mess. Not to mention that way would disable both lines in the process & it would be impossible to stay connected with customer service unless they have another phone line. Just call when you get it & have them transfer his number to that phone with that sim & his wife's phone stays uninterrupted. They will probably activate it right then for him & then all he's gotta do is sync with iTunes.
  17. dorrien12

    dorrien12 Member

    Because when the upgrade was done on the wife's line, her SIM number and IMEI number were transferred to the new SIM that comes with the phone.

    If you then try and put another SIM in there and try to activate it, the SIM will not be recognized, it's going to give a error. And her old phone may still be deactivated because the system recognizes her information as the one that's upgrading.

    And he's still going to have to call his provider, either way he has to call. But if he activates it the way in which it was ordered, it will go by much easier.

    In case you didn't know, I work for AT&T, and a lot of people do just what you said above and then they get SIM errors and then they call. And it takes a little bit longer to fix it vs. them calling and saying I want to switch phones. I can't speak for other carriers, but that's the way it works at AT&T.

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  18. Hinezy

    Hinezy Contributor

    I guess I'm going to call them as soOn as I get the phone and go from there. I'll let you guys know what they say.
  19. VOLS34

    VOLS34 Zealot

    I've been with AT&T(cingular) over 10 years. All I ever did was swap sim cards with upgrades over the years whether it was for the same line or did an upgrade & used it for another line. Never had a problem. The sim doesn't just deactivate on its own. When you activate the phone with the new sim the old sim then deactivates. It's not easier to activate the 4s as his wife's phone, her current phone deactivates, swap sim cards, & call AT&T on a 3rd line you may not have. Just call when you get it & give them the sim number, imei, etc & tell them you wanna use the phone for another line. It's that simple.
  20. dorrien12

    dorrien12 Member

    I merely offered a suggestion as to what is currently happening. The process that I stated is the way it needs to be done currently for AT&T, as you said you have been with AT&T and I said I work for AT&T and since I have been the one taking calls through this iPhone 4S launch and have had to correct several phones because they did it the way you mentioned, then I do believe I know what I am talking about. It may have worked that way in the past, but as of right now that's the way our procedures are telling us to do it as well as our supervisors.

    BTW: you are taking this way too personal, I feel like this is a personal attack, it's not that serious. We offer our help, it's up to the person (not you or I) to decide which path to take.
  21. chris

    chris Administrator

    Just want to interject that appreciate having AT&T employees here helping out members. This stuff can get confusing.

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