v-moda duo returns @ 3rd party headphones in 3G


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Nov 13, 2007
hey everyone.

has anyone any experience with sending v-moda headphones back for exchange/repair? i sent my pair back after the right side earphone stopped working completely (general fault?). anyway this was well over three weeks ago and i still haven't heard a peep out of them and struggling to get a reply through their online query form. do they usually take this long to fix this kind of problem?

also as i am going on holiday at the end of next week i will need some headphones to keep me going until my vibes get back to me. am i right in thinking because the 3g phone does not have a recessed socket any headphones work on it? (not like the V1)? anyone have any suggestions for a cheap in ear pair as i cant bare the ones you get with the phone they just don't stay in my ears man!

sorry for the essay! cheers
Jul 22, 2008
We are sincerely apologize for the difficulties you have experienced in contacting our warranty department. As you already know, all V-MODA headphones come with a 1 year warranty when purchased through the website or an authorized V-MODA dealer, so we would be more than happy to help locate your return if you have already sent it in. Please contact the Customer Service line directly at 888-VMODA-LA. Be sure to have as much information on your return as possible and we will be more than happy to help!


Jul 16, 2007
I bought mine last October and I started having problems a few months later, but then they started distorting sound very badly a few weeks ago. I returned them to V-Moda last week (they arrived at their facility last Wednesday) and I got an email today saying that they were processing an exchange and that it would take 7 to 14 businesss days. So, not bad so far, so we'll see...
Jul 23, 2008
hey everyone.
am i right in thinking because the 3g phone does not have a recessed socket any headphones work on it?
Yup. Standard 3.5 mm non-recessed jack. Ordinary headphones work great.