Verizon users, help me

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New Member
Jun 19, 2007
I'm currently Verizon user, and I'm going to change my service provider to AT&T because of the iPhone.
Also, I'm ready to pay early termination fee.
However, I want to keep my phone number, and I know I can do by myself on iTunes.
So I watched activation video again, but I couldn't find out what the "Account Password" is.
I know my phone number and billing zip code, and I found out my account number on VerizonWireless my account webpage.
However, I'm confusing that account password now.
Is it the password which I need to log-in Verizon my account page?
Or, is it 5 characters billing password which is located in account information?
Actually, I do not know my billing password, so if I need billing password for activating for the iPhone, how can I know my billing password?

Please, help me~~~~!


New Member
Apr 30, 2007
im in the same boat, but my billing password is something i set either at the store or online... don't honestly know which. its a 4 digit PIN number for me, and always has been. might have changed but i just set mine to the last 4 of my social.