Video size help!


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Nov 19, 2007
Hi guys,

I just got my 16gb Touch this weekend and need your help. I've had a Zune player the past year and all of my videos are in wmv format and I'm having issues getting file sizes manageable.

I did a bunch of searches and downloaded some Ipod converter apps - Videora, Cucusoft and PQ DVD converter and experimented this weekend trying to rip a dvd and convert some wmv files to mp4, but all of the files are coming out like 4x bigger than I've had before, and as you know, memory space is not at a premium with the new Touches.

For instance a 349mb version of Gladiator (320x240, cd quality audio) turned into a 1.83 gb monster mp4 file with videora, and Cucusoft ripped a 43 minute tv show off dvd into a 273mb mp4 file that probably would've been like 80mb with wmv.

Can you give some suggestions on how to get file sizes more manageable (while still keeping high audio quality and decent video quality)? What do you all do?

(For instance I saw some 'profiles' on videora, but not sure which ones would be optimal for good quality but lower file size).



Nov 5, 2007
I would think there are setting features in all of those programs that allow you to reduce the files size, like video or sound quality.