Viewing camera roll photos on a PC

Discussion in 'Windows PC and iPhone' started by fishbone, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. fishbone

    fishbone New Member

    How do i view my camera roll photos on my win PC?All i see is a photo cache..50 folders containing various "ithmb" files???Any help wld be appreciated...Thanks
  2. captastro

    captastro New Member

    I believe you have to move the photos from the 'roll' to different folders on the iPhone before they will sync. I haven't actually tried this yet, though.
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  4. ciaran00

    ciaran00 New Member

    So when the iphone plugs into your comp you should see a popup that indicates a camera has been plugged in. Use the camera wizard to extract your photos.

    What OS are you on?
  5. fishbone

    fishbone New Member

    COOL BEANS!Outstanding...thanks like a charm,unfortunately I've got to unplug my webcam when attempting to do biggie . Thanks again!:cool:
  6. se13311

    se13311 New Member

    even easier you can use windows base software called "utunephoto" to manage your photo album and camera roll.
  7. drumthrasher109

    drumthrasher109 New Member

    I usually just go to Computer/My Computer, go into Apple iPhone, and there are all my pics.
  8. SheilaB8

    SheilaB8 New Member

    Is this on a Mac or PC? through iTunes??
  9. larz45a

    larz45a New Member

    If any pictures saved to camera roll are not taken from the iphone camera, windows will see this as a iphone but not be able to locate the photos. removes any images saved from emails,text or internet and all is well

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