Virginize an AT&T iPhone that used AnySIM.


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Jun 8, 2007
Hi, My iPhone was unlocked by AnySIM, the original one that showed up on AppTap and then disappeared. Anyway, I decided that I didn't want/need to be unlocked so I reflashed the BaseBand to relock the phone. (Following the instructions found at ) Then I got the "Invalid SIM" message.

So, I reunlocked to get my phone working again with my legitimate AT&T sim.

So now my phone it working with my AT&T sim with 1.02 firmware.

Is there a way I can safely flash up to the 1.11 firmware without bricking my phone? Or a better way to ask, is there known working way to "Virginize" my phone so that it will successfuly take the 1.11 update at the time when I decide to do the upgrade?

I'm not taking the leap to 1.11 yet, but would like to at least put my phone into a state where it will successfuly flash should I decide to take the plunge.

Most topics at most forums are more concerned with leaving the phone unlocked, I want my phone to be like it was PRIOR to AnySIM, as best as possible so it can take future updates as they are released.

Thanks for any info and links!