Vonagent: iPhone Vonage native app!


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Nov 3, 2007
Southern California
You can now manage your Vonage voicemails and SimulRing with an iPhone app. I used it last night and IT IS FANTASTIC! This is directly from their site:

Add the Vonagent Source to Installer: http://www.vonagent.com/repo by doing the following:
  1. On your iPhone, press the Installer icon
  2. Press Sources at the bottom
  3. Press Edit at the top right
  4. Press Add at the top left
  5. Type http://vonagent.com/repo
  6. Press Ok
  7. Press Install at the bottom
  8. Scroll to and select Multimedia
  9. Choose Vonagent and Install
I sent them an email about whether or not it will be on the SDK and if it will still be free for people with Jailbroken phones. Mario, the person who apparently developed it and is replying to emails and forum posts (at least on modmyifone.com) said that yes, they will try to get in on the SDK and he also said that he's not sure if it will still be free of charge for those with Jailbroken phones. My guess is that it won't be.

But, in the meantime, enjoy this wonderful app.


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Dec 23, 2008
I did everything as indicated but when I look under Multimedia, I don't see Vonagent. Under sources, it success saw http://www.vonagent.com/repo as Vonagent APP so what gives?