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    Apple TV is great but if you have a 3rd Generation you are limited in what it can and can't do. Yes you can AirPlay many, many things from an iDevice but there are times and reasons why you may want to use a VPN.

    It's not a free solution but its cheap enough to where the cost should not be an issue if the topic of this thread interests you.

    I use a VPN because I want to watch my LA Angels on MLBTV and LA Kings on NHL GameCenter with out the silly blackouts. I live in both these teams local market so even if I subscribe to the service all the games ( home and away ) would be blacked out.

    I have AT&T U-Verse as my Internet provider and do not have any type of TV service. I'm a cord cutter so the ability to watch my favorite teams is important to me.

    My U-Verse download speed is the top tier and they say I should get 24 Mbps.. I actually do get pretty close to this most of the time. I mention the speed because this is a major concern for many when using and choosing a VPN. More on VPN speed later.

    Ok, enough rambling now onto the how to!

    My service is AT&T U-Verse and the modem / router they provide as part of the service does not allow the use of a VPN. The router is a 3801HGV.

    Now to get around this we need a router that is capable of running dd-wrt firmware. Here are a few very good routers that work well with dd-wrt firmware.

    Asus RT-N16 ( this is the one I have )
    Linksys E2000
    Linksys E3000
    Linksys E4200

    There are other routers that will work but these appear to be the best of the bunch for running a VPN off.

    Next we need a VPN service. Easily the best one I have used is HMA ( hidemyass ). The plans are cheap enough and I have notice very little speed drop when connected to their servers. I have tried several different VPN providers and they either lack in speed or they have data caps.

    HMA is just as fast as my home provider and the data is unlimited. These are 2 major factors to consider especially if you are going to stream live HD video daily for a 3 hour sports game.

    They currently have special running and if you order the year package it's only $76 a year. Here is their website if you are interested in looking at them as a VPN provider.


    Now that you have the gear and a provider here we go. Setup will vary based on who your service provider is and what gear ( modem / router ) they gave you with service but the steps should be pretty close to the same no matter.

    These instructions are for my AT&T U-Verse 3801HGV and my Asus RT-N16

    First lets configure the new Asus for dd-wrt firmware and the VPN

    Using a network cord, connect one of the LAN ports of your Asus to a PC.

    Follow this guide to download and configure the Asus RT-N16 router for dd-wrt firmware.


    Most routers will have a web access address of:

    Next make sure you configure, name and secure the wireless / wifi settings on the new router. This way everything that connects to the new router either by Ethernet or Wifi will be on the VPN

    Once you become familiar with dd-wrt and VPN you can play with the settings. openVPN will be the fastest client if your router / firmware can support it.

    If you have a different dd-wrt capable router simply google search for the dd-wrt firmware for it. It's a pretty simple process to flash the new firmware to the router.

    Once our shinny new router is flashed and ready to rock we move on to the U-Verse 3801.. This is actually pretty simple compared to getting dd-wrt on the new router so if you made it this far the rest is a breeze! ;-)

    You can now unplug the Asus router from the PC and let it catch it's breath before we hook it all up shortly..

    Next lets go here in your web browser:

    http: //

    ( this address will be different depending on what modem / router your ISP gave you with your service )

    You are now at the 3801 configuration screen:

    1. Take a break and get coffee, water, soda or a beer!
    2. Plug your Asus router's WAN interface to one of the 3801 LAN interfaces.
    3. Restart your router, let it get an IP address via DHCP.
    4. Navigate to Settings -> Firewall -> Applications, Pinholes, and DMZ
    5. Select your Asus RT-N16 router
    6. Click the DMZPlus button
    7. Click the Save button.
    8. Restart your Asus router. It will get an address via DHCP
    9. On the 3801 go to Settings -> Firewall -> Advanced Configuration
    10. Uncheck the following: Stealth Mode, Block Ping, Strict UDP Session Control.
    11. Check everything under Outbound Protocol Control except NetBIOS.
    12. Uncheck NetBIOS under Inbound Protocol Control.
    13. Uncheck all the Attack Detection checkboxes (7 of them).
    14. Click save
    15. Disable wireless on the 3801
    16. Click Save.
    17. Reboot the 3801 and the Asus router
    18. Get another drink and pat self on back because you are now done! :)

    If you have a PC, XBOX, Apple TV that also pimps / uses a LAN connection then plug them into the LAN ports on the Asus router.

    Make sure all the gear you want on the VPN is plugged into the LAN ports of the Asus router. If you plug them into the 3801 LAN they will not be behind the VPN.

    You should now be connected to the hidemyass server you previously selected. For instance lets say you chose one in Germany. You should now have a German IP address..

    For my needs I connect to San Diego as the closer you connect to where you actually are the faster your speeds will be. San Diego in my case allows me to avoid the local LA blackouts of my teams yet it's close enough for me to get tip top speeds.

    Feel free to ask any question you may have and I hope this helps at least ONE person... If not, I just did a lot of typing for nothing! :-P

    Enjoy! :) :)
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    If you are using dd-wrt. You may be interested in the dd-wrt iPhone app.
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    This is great stuff.
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    Thanks but I'm not really interested in the app. I set it via the router and forget it..

    If I want to change something I can access the router / dd-wrt info via the web...

    Thanks! Here is a screen shot of speed tests.. The top 2 are connected via VPN in Las Vegas and the bottom 2 are straight up WiFi

    ImageUploadedByiCafe Forums1362613529.173261.jpg
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    Isn't this only limited to his internet service? Is everything different with other ISP/routers?
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    I use Private Internet Access for my VPN. I have it set up on all our devices in the household but my router is a really old Linksys WRT54GS which doesn't have VPN. I'm scared to flash a DD-WRT firmware because I may perm brick my router if I did something wrong and it's my only one.
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    Most routers will have a way to recover from a bad flash.. I've flashed DD-WRT probably 30 different times to numerous different routers and I've never had a bad flash or a bricked router..

    Just research ahead of time to see if your router has emergency recovery..

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