Walt Mossberg's List of Apps


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Jul 30, 2007
Read this from WSJ, public version, his top 10 list:

  1. AIM. Finally, a native iPhone program for accessing one of the world’s most widely used instant-messaging networks. It lacks some of the more rarified features of the PC or Mac versions, but does the basic text-chat thing quite well. One downside: because Apple isn’t allowing third-party programs to run constantly in the background, you can’t receive new messages in AIM while doing other things. This will supposedly be remedied by new Apple server technology due later this year.
  2. MotionX-Poker. This is a simple poker game played with dice instead of cards. But it can be mesmerizing, because it makes full use of the iPhone’s graphics engine and motion sensors. You play each hand by shaking the phone to roll gorgeously rendered 3D dice, which even sound like dice. The $5 game comes from Fullpower, a company developing many motion-based programs that was founded by software industry pioneer Philippe Kahn.
  3. TruPhone. This is an Internet phone-calling program that works over the iPhone’s Wi-Fi radio, potentially saving you big money over using the device’s regular cell phone capability, especially when calling internationally. Biggest downside in my initial tests: it sometimes worked and sometimes didn’t.
  4. FileMagnet. One of the frustrating things about the iPhone is that it has no easy way for users to transfer files from their computers and store them on the phone, even though it is capable of viewing many types of files. FileMagnet, which costs $5, places a small program on your computer, and then wirelessly transfers any files you drag into it to the FileMagnet program on the phone. It works with Microsoft Word files, PDF files, images and more. Biggest downsides: it only works on Macs, but I’d bet a similar Windows program will come along soon.
  5. SpeechCloud Voice Dialer. This free program allows you to dial anyone in your contact list by simply saying his or her name.
  6. Movies. This is a free service that lets you find movies in your area, watch the trailers, buy tickets to them, and view a map to the theater.
  7. Remote. This free program, written by Apple itself, allows you to control any copy of iTunes, on any Windows or Mac computer, over a local wireless network. It also works on Apple TV boxes.
  8. Where. One of many new iPhone apps that attempt to provide information based on your location, Where, which is free, aggregates local content from services like Yelp and Eventful, which also have their own iPhone apps.
  9. Pandora. The new iPhone version of the wildly popular Pandora music-streaming program, is also free. It creates personalized radio stations based on artists you like.
  10. MLB.com At Bat. This $5 program lets you track games in progress, which is no big deal. The big deal is that you can actually watch video clips of key plays before the games are over.
May 6, 2007
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Cool to see a list of someone who knows what he's doing. I only have a few of those currently, but I will check the others out.


Jun 4, 2007
Atlanta, Georgia
Good find. I'm definitely going to be checking into a few of these. I haven't really had a chance to explore all that the App store has to offer.


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Jun 27, 2007
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I thought the truphone would be cool. I hadn't seen that app but I just went to download it and it charges you to make the calls. What kind of BS is that? I'll pass. Could be usefull to people that make international calls, me I cant even keep in contact with people in my own city.:p

Filemagnet does sound interesting and Movies.app is awesome. All local listings and even trailers all so easy to access. Perfect for film lovers.


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Aug 11, 2007
Those are some pretty neat sounding apps. Hopefully I'll be able to get a hold of them soon.