WALTR lets you transfer and play back almost any media file to your iOS device

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    The new OS X application WALTR (free to try) lets you transfer media files in various formats to your iOS device without requiring a second app (like Handbrake) for conversion to a natively supported format on iOS. Conversion happens on-the-fly and the developer claims it is "shockingly fast." The developer also claims that the app has a "Freackin' [sic] cool application name – Inspired by Walter White from Breaking Bad" and that "a whole team of live human OS X professionals got your back."

    Supported file formats include FLAC, OGG, WMA, MKV, AVI, "and tons of others..." Once transferred, your files will be available for playback by the corresponding stock app on your iDevice.

    You will get a free two-week trial period. After that, it's priced at "$14.95 for just for 2 weeks from now, $29.95 thereafter."

    The video below lets you see it in action (subtitles would have been nice, but they are not absolutely necessary).

    The app can be downloaded here.
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    You can acheive the same thing with AirVideo HD for a lot less money.
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