Want an iPhone, but refuse to give AT&T my business


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Jul 2, 2007
As long as the iPhone is only supported by AT&T, I will never own one. My hatred for that company far exceeds my need for the latest and greatest Mac gadget (which really is saying a lot about how much I hate AT&T).

That company has the WORST customer service. Be *really* careful what they promise you in their cell phone plans. What the Rep tells you is NOT necessarily what they sign you up for if you are changing your plan over the phone! ...Unfortunately you have no redress when they screw it up because while they say they record calls, they apparently don't record EVERY call... so you have no *proof* that they lied... and then you could get screwed out of your good credit score and over $750 of what *should* have been "free nights and weekends"....like me. (Fracking bastards.)

Soooo, yes, I'm bitching about AT&T. I'll never own an iPhone as long as that horrid company is the only carrier.

Does anyone know if there will be other carriers that *aren't* owned or affiliated with them?


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Jul 4, 2007
AT&T has an exclusive on the iPhone. Both companies are silent on the exact terms but it is thought to be at least until the end of 2009. USA Today reported the length to be 5 years. It is not sure if the contract is specific enough to extend to CDMA phones or just GSM. If the contract does not cover CDMA, you may see new phones (and carriers) by the end of the year.