Want to switch from my new Galaxy Note 3 to an IPhone 6+. Suggestions?

Discussion in 'iPhone 6' started by ebaker, Nov 15, 2014.

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    I recently upgraded from an IPhone 5 to a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. While the Note 3 is a great phone, I'm missing my IPhone. I can use my husband's upgrade and still keep the unlimited data plan. My concern is how do I now transfer all of my data to the IPhone 6+ (photos, music, contacts). Any suggestions?
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    You can use iTunes to sync your Google contacts onto the the iPhone. They should be automatically syncing to Google from your Note. From there, you can continue to use Google for syncing contacts or you can switch to iCloud.

    You can use any cloud service to sync your Note pictures to your new iPhone. DropBox or Google Drive can do this or you can use iCloud if you switch to iCloud Drive. If you don't switch to iCloud Drive, you can sync albums from iTunes to your phone or use iCloud Photosharing.

    Sync your music from your Note to your computer and then import it to iTunes and sync.

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