Want to unlock your phone to use on T-Mobile or someone else? This is all you need.


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Jul 4, 2007
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Just go there and read up. It's very well written. I'm currently on T-Mobile and I've had zero problems.

EDIT: For some reason they won't let you open it in IE, so I'll post the site contents right here so IE users can read it. And if you really want to be baby stepped through the whole process, here are some instructional videos, Part 1 Part 2.

NOTE: There are links throughout this explanation but for some reason they are not being underlined to show they are links. Just run your mouse over something you think might be a link and it probably is.

This guide tells you how to restore to 1.0.2 and how to ignore the 1.1.1 update. Never upgrade to 1.1.1!
The guide assumes that the phone that you are using hasn’t got 1.1.1 already on it. if you purchased the phone before today, you won’t need to worry about that.
=== CREDITS ===
I didn’t found out all this stuff on my own. This guide is based on carlosvaldosta’s guide. I added a few steps to make the process working even now when iTunes restores your iPhone to 1.1.1 and made some steps a little bit clearer, with help from people on the forums. I also point to AnySim instead of unlock-fast. AnySim is from the same creators, though newer.
If this guide really helped you out and you want to say thank you, donate the so called DEV Team they made all this stuff possible (they made AnySim, the jailbreak technique etc.). If you still got some spare money and like this site, you can always donate me (see philanthropy above) and I’ll really appreciate it, but donate the dev team first.
Do not even dare to skip a step because you think that you’re smart. Read the whole guide before taking the phone out of the box and then read everything twice again before doing something.
This guide is for Windows computers and brand new iPhones. If you did an unlock on your iPhone, you need to do a virgin restore before trying this. And no, that’s not an iTunes restore.
Do not ask why I use AppTapp and iBrickr. There are quite many ways leading to Rome… I unlocked my iPhone this way and it worked. AppTapp and iBrickr are also both great programs so I don’t see a reason for leaving them off your phone.
- AppTapp
- iBrickr
- PACAY (aka ‘point and click activation with youtube’)
- AnySim 1.0.2 (pxl version)
- iPhone1,1_1.0.2_1C28_Restore.ipsw
==== THE GUIDE ===
1) Start iTunes, go to help > about iTunes and check if you have iTunes If not, remove iTunes and download and install version
2) Close iTunes. Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE, find iTunesHelper.exe under processes and terminate it.
3) Open the box with your brand new iPhone. Show it to the persons in your house and tell them that you are going to unlock it now. Put a ‘do not disturb’ sign on your door and plug in the USB end of the cable that came with your iPhone in an USB port in your computer.
4) Press and hold both the power and home button on your iPhone, till you see a yellow triangle.. Plug the other end of the cable in the iPhone (and keep the phone plugged in during the entire unlock process, so ’till the end of this guide).
5) Open iTunes. Hold shift and click restore and select the iPhone1,1_1.0.2_1C28_Restore.ipsw firmware file. DO NOT RESTORE TO FIRMWARE VERSION 1.1.1, post a comment if the shift thingy isn’t working! Follow the steps on your screen to restore the iPhone. Make sure that it restores to firmware version 1.0.2.
6) Once the restore is finished, you’ll see the activation screen on the iPhone again. Close iTunes (and the iTunesHelper.exe) and start AppTapp (you downloaded this file).
7) Hit continue. Select the 1.0.2 firmware. Hit continue again. Now AppTapp will start copying the files. Due to some bad coding the progress bar isn’t really working. When your iPhone goes to the yellow triangle screen and then back to the activation screen, then wait 120 seconds and check if AppTapp says completed (bar won’t be full), then close AppTapp.
8 ) Go to the folder where you extracted PACAY and start “(CLICK HERE) activate.bat”. Follow the steps on your screen. When it asks to power the iPhone off and on again: Hold the power button on the phone, slide the red slider, wait about 15 seconds and power the phone on again.
9) Open iBrickr, select applications and install the installer. Follow the on screen instructions.
10) Go back to iBrickr’s home screen and hit applications again. Browse to the AnySim pxl and hit install.
11) On you iPhone, you’ll see an AnySim icon now! Don’t click it yet! Go to (on the phone) settings > general > auto-lock and select never.
12) Press the home button and hit AnySim. Follow the steps on your screen and unlock the phone! Do not stop the process and do not start it twice!
13) When the unlock is completed, press the home button and shut down your iPhone.
14) Take out the AT&T SIM by putting a paper clip in the little hole next to the power button of the phone. Insert your own SIM in the holder and place it back in the phone.
15) Turn on your phone and check if you can make a call! If you get the “SIM Locked” error, just enter the SIM’s PIN code (which you setup on your previous phone or is still the default 0000).
16) If you don’t want EDGE or want to prevent unpayable bills, go to setting > general > network > edge and remove all setting there.
17) Reboot your iPhone.
18) Start iBrickr again if you closed it. Go to applications and press the red circle next to AnySim to remove it.
19) Close iBrickr, unplug the iPhone and remove the plastic on the phone.
20) Play with your brand new iPhone! You’ll see an icon called installer on your springboard. Open it and install the community sources. Now you’ll have access to hunderds of brand new iPhone programs! But watch out! Don’t install them like a madman, check their sites for bugs and check if they are safe! Go to the hackint0sh forums for support.


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Wonderful that they decided to be clever and make it so I can't read their blog at work where I'm locked from installing FireFox (which incidentally I attempted to install earlier because I HATE IE, but I'm forced to use it.)


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Sorry guys, didn't think they'd be so picky about IE users. I posted the site's contents in the OP now.


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Thanks a lot this video really hleped me out the process workes perfectly.