warranty replacement?

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New Member
Apr 12, 2007
I had my original launch day phone replaced and the new one has given me nothing but problems. I tried to stick it out, restored 2-3 times and still nothing. I decided I have had enough and I was going to call Apple on my way home from work today. After lunch, I got a call and when I went to answer it, I dropped it and put a small scratch/dent on the corner. Everything still works but to make a short story long.... will this cause problems with getting it replaced.


New Member
Oct 26, 2007
Strong Island, NY
If there is nothing anymore physically wrong with the phone other then a small enough scratch on the side they can't rule that as being physically damaged because obviously what happened is not causing the phone to not run right. They might try to say that the impact had something to do with the harddrive not running correctly but that has nothing to do with it crashing on you repeatedly. They would have a problem if you said that the button command didn't work or it shuts off by itself. Just explain it a little to them and make sure you deal with someone that can relate to you make sure you don't get stuck with someone who's had a bad day.