Watch me get a concussion!


Mar 27, 2008
Yup, it was quite the experience. Let's set the scene, shall we?

See, I was driving with my cousin back to his house. It was a rather rainy, Pennsylvania day. We made a stop at his college because he wanted to show me this balcony he was standing on to look down girl's shirts. Don't even ask, I wasn't there to supervise him. Anyway, so we're running to the car and we come to a slight hill. It was pouring out, so we decided to slide down the hill on our feet. I told him we should find more hills, and he led me to a VERY steep one towards the back of the campus. We began to slide down on our feet and we fell each time, but it was a lot of fun. My cousin disappeared into the woods for a minute and came out with a trashcan that was rather slimy and disgusting, but it didn't phase me. So I got in and.. well, just watch the video!

My head smacked the ground about 16 times. And I don't remember getting in the barrel, rolling down the hill, getting out of the barrel, or walking back to the car and riding home. Its like a half hour of my life is gone. And I couldn't stand straight up without falling over for about an hour after it.

Has anybody else here ever done something totally stupid and suffered a semi-serious injury from it? Share!


Jun 4, 2007
Atlanta, Georgia
Ahaha that's pretty funny/painful at the same time. I've always wanted to roll down a hill in a giant tire but haven't yet gotten the chance.