Watching iPhone movies on the plane.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Dallas Phil, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. Dallas Phil

    Dallas Phil Member

    Howdy all, I just wanted to let you know that recently I was on a non-stop flight from Dallas to Anchorage. I downloaded a couple of the $9.99 movies from iTunes to watch. I was a little concerned about the size of the screen. I tell you it was fantastic! I rigged a way to attach it to the back of the seat in front of me. I plugged it into the plane's DC power, pluged in my Bose headphones with the Belkin adapter, and was in heaven. It was very enjoyable and it only took a few minutes to get used to the size of the screen. The only problem was that throughout the entire flight I was being asked by the other passengers as well as the flight attendants "Is that one of those iPhones?" LOL. I would recommend this to anyone making long flights.
  2. bmustaf

    bmustaf New Member

    Ditto. Probably my favorite thing about the iPhone is the fact it's a real media player.

    1) The screen size is a non-issue. I thought it was at first, but I realized I was only thinking it was because I was told it would be an issue...once you watch it for 2-3 minutes you're not even thinking about eye strain, either, screen is plenty bright and very high resolution

    2) Battery life is amazing. With WiFi & BT off autobrightness, I can watch 2-3 full length movies without an issue and still have juice to get to an outlet. With Airplane mode on I can make it as far as a extended range 777 will take me.

    3) Stowable...besides watching it on planes (where I usually have my MacBookPro and a bunch of extra batteries and even maybe some mains power if I'm lucky) it's great on the go where I don't have that luxury (public transport, airport security lines, the car wash, the men's room).

    Get a call? Movie pauses, you answer it, and get right back to where you left it.

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  4. xoulo

    xoulo New Member

    yepy, i just love the iPhone.. but still how do you charge your stuffs on the plane. ive been on it many times and i cant find a plug anywhere to charge my devices.
    do you have to pay extra?
  5. gcvt

    gcvt Zealot

    It's usually only in Business Class and First Class.
  6. xoulo

    xoulo New Member

    oh i see. :p

    cant afford that LOL
  7. stevetim

    stevetim New Member

    Could a workaround be to bring your laptop, and plug in the iPhone to the laptop once you start watching the movie? This would charge the battery enough to watch at least a few movies, right? That is, if you don't mind running your laptop out of power a little quicker.
  8. gcvt

    gcvt Zealot

    If I had my laptop with me, I'd use that to watch movies.
  9. turbo187

    turbo187 New Member

    AFAIK, you can only charge your iPhone through your computer when your computer is charging as well
  10. dotcom

    dotcom New Member

    not true i am charging my iPhone as i type this on my mac and it is not plugged in but running on batteries. there are some external batteries you can buy for @100 bucks that you could use on the iPhone for a long trip as well.

  11. chris

    chris Administrator

    For some reason, battery life on my Powerbook has never been stellar. I'm planning a well deserved vacation come early September and I plan on loading up the iPhone with TV shows (preferably Friday Night Lights if the DVD releases by then).

  12. robbonds

    robbonds New Member

    can u upload your dvds onto itunes?
  13. chris

    chris Administrator

    Yes, Mac users will want to check out the Tutorial: How To Put DVD Movies on iPhone using Handbrake. There are a number of options for PC users. Check out the Official DVD to iPhone Discussion for PC users.

    I personally use and love Handbrake on the Mac.

    Last edited: Nov 9, 2013
  14. crane98

    crane98 New Member

    Why in the hell would anyone watch a movie on a 3.5" screen when you can buy a portable dvd player like this

    Can you seriously say you're entertained by a movie on a cell phone screen? I'd rather spend the extra 180 bucks, and you can get one for a lot cheaper than that.

    You could also watch it on a laptop. The movie feature on the iPhone is obsolete.
  15. bmustaf

    bmustaf New Member

    Yeah, I don't find it to be an issue. Sure, it's not my home theater or anything...

    But why would I watch it on my iPhone and not a portable DVD player? Because the whole point is I don't want to be carrying another item. The iPhone movie capability fills the perfect void between where I have my MacBookPro (actually, I have a question for you, why would I carry a portable dvd player that's about the size of my MBP? I wouldn't...I'd carry my MBP), but that's the point...all I'm carrying on to the plane, on the train, on the bus, into the can with me is my cell phone (which I'd have anyway).

    No one is calling the iPhone a multimedia replacement least I'm not taking that away from any of the comments.

  16. The Apple

    The Apple Zealot

    plus that portable dvd player won't fit in your pocket!
  17. Popdevil

    Popdevil New Member

    Dude, you sure do complain a lot. You also complained about the new bug fix that was sent out. Is that the only reason you post?

    ...anyway, I think the reason people are watching the movies on the iPhone is because they don't want to have to carry the DVD player along with the movies and/or a laptop. I used to bring my laptop on airplane trips and my wife used to bring the DVD player and the movies. It was a hassle through airport security and the hassle of just lugging all of the stuff around. The iPhone allows you to carry a very small item and use it for many different things.

    I would agree with you how ever if you are on a road trip or something where it wouldn't be that big of a deal to carry that stuff around.
  18. mjeagent

    mjeagent New Member

    I watched two 1 hour and 45 minute movies on my flight from Washington Dulles to Long Beach, CA. It was great!
    Would love to know how you rigged it up to the seat in front of you. My neck was killing after looking down so much.
  19. crane98

    crane98 New Member

    A portable dvd player weighs about 3lbs. "lugging it around", are you kidding me?
  20. GeoBau

    GeoBau New Member

    I hardly notice screen size once I'm engrossed in a movie. Perhaps it's my young eyes, but I've been watching movies for years on the video ipod and not had an issue. When I travel, I used to take a carry-on; now I just need my phone and a book.


    ABU-NOWARAH New Member

    my god that sounds great, i mean in the flight u get bored most of the time especially in non stop one's ,,, but the iPhone proved again thats its realy useful,,,

    u guys r really really LUCKY.

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