Weekly Photo Contest: April 10 - 17

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The topic is landscapes, cityscapes, etc. You get the idea. Anything goes this time around so whip out your lenses and photo editing apps. Don't hold back! One entry per member. I'm also feeling really generous so the winning photo will get a $10 iTunes gift certificate. Yes, you read it right. $10!:D

Just like imutter, I will not be the selecting the winning photo. I will let my girlfriend and her 11 year old daughter make the selection. This will play a big role on what kind of photos you enter. Get out there and start shooting. Good luck!

Happy photo shoot! And may the odds be ever in your favor.:LOL:



These past few weeks, I've been thinking of doing a monochrome series. Haven't really chosen my subject yet, it looks like it'll be buildings. ;)

Love the Hunger Games reference by the way... Hahaha the film is pale compared to the books :p
Sorry for the inconvenience, folks. I've decided to extend the contest to end this Friday, 4/20 because my girlfriend and her daughter will not be available until then to decide on the winner.
The winner for this weeks photo contest is Muckcityjustin.

My girlfriend and her daughter liked it best because it was really colorful and caught their attention immediately. Congrats justin. PM me your email to claim your prize.(y)
Not open for further replies.