Weekly Photo Contest June 3rd - 10th

Greetings and thanks to Bennyboy for selecting my family's photo.

I'm thinking I'd like to see a photo composition. Anything goes as long as it includes a REAL Apple.

Photo must be taken with an iDevice, stock effects and filters are OK.

Will forward winner any app of their coice, up to 5 bucks.
I would also like to include our members across the pond, so I will post them a 5 dollar international US Postal money order. I will pay the cost of sending it if the winner is in the UK.

That's it. Be creative and have fun.
It was a tough choice, but the winner is......

Nice photo, thanks for playing.

PM your app choice and email address.
don't forget to start next contest.....


Wow, what's going on around here? I'm the only entry? Winning is cool but winning by default with no competition isn't nearly as much fun.